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The Global Dashboard has some of the most highly differentiated, insightful, quality content on global issues. These 4 videos show what makes us unique.

Unique experience leads to a unique perspective and unique insights.

Not many people have the kind of direct, hands-on experience working with the people and cultures of other countries as Dan Joseph has.  This experience, combined with expert conceptual understanding of global issues and a highly effective, dynamic communication style, is why The Global Dashboard has the best content on global issues today. Check out these videos to see for yourself.

Cutting Edge Insights

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Democracy Road (award-winning short documentary)

Democracy is rare and in decline around the world and even seems a bit shaky in places like the US.  This video demonstrates our expertise relative to one of the most critical concepts in the world today—how culture and economic growth relates to democracy around the world. 

Explaining trade

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Is trade really causing America to lose manufacturing jobs?

This video shows how we make complex issues like trade and globalization easy to understand and engaging for the viewer. 

Explaining China

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Why Chinese nationalism is so intense

This video shows the ability we have to explain China in a way that is interesting and easy to understand for those who lack much direct experience. 

Making Global Fun

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The big China mistake

An example of how we like to entertain audiences, make global topics and interesting, and make a point, often by using the advantage of interesting personal experiences.