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The Global Dashboard Podcast

Aside from the fact that we like to discuss global topics, we decided to start our podcast because the world is getting more difficult and more dangerous.  Our goal is to create a program that keeps people up to date and also deep dives into key topics in a way that helps people better understand the global challenges we face.  Along the way, we plan to have some fun and a few laughs and show people how interesting the world around us is.  We hope you’ll join us.  As a first step, you might want to check out our podcast trailer.  We have both audio and video versions below.  We have weekly episodes and produce them in both audio and video versions. 

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Episodes are divided into chapter or sections.  For audio episodes, there’s a button which displays chapters.  Click on a chapter if you want to go directly to it.  For video episodes, as you drag the cursor along the timeline, the chapter name is revealed. 

Eps. 7, 10/22/21:  The news dash covers China real estate, energy and missile tests and the deteriorating situation in Haiti.  Then we have a general discussion about global risks, from the risk of war in the Pacific and a potential cyberattack.  We finish with the GDB Quiz, amusing as always.  

Eps. 6, 10/15/21: We focus on the growing tension between China and Taiwan, analyzing whether war is possible and how the US should respond.  We finish with another episode of the GDB Quiz.

Eps. 5, 10/8/21:  Lots of news on China, including rising tensions over Taiwan.  Dan relates some of his unique personal experience, describes what communism was like, and how his experience helps his understanding of China overall. 

Eps. 4, 9/24/21: China’s real estate problem, US-France rift, and a review of the global debt crisis.  Plus, a look at how too much spending actually made Afghanistan worse.  

Eps. 3, 9/17/21: Potential danger in China’s real estate market, Afghanistan update, and how democracy was doomed to fail there.  Plus another GDB Quiz.

Eps. 2, 9/10/21: The strategic mistake in Afghanistan that led to failure plus the GDB Quiz.  

Episode 1

9/3/21:  Our first episode focuses mostly on the unfolding US withdrawal from Afghanistan.  We touch on the major implications and introduce the SIGAR (Special Investigator General for Afghan Reconstruction) reports, a great resource for what really happened in Afghanistan.  We also have a GDB quiz, both  interesting and amusing.